HoLife Privacy Policy

data storage
HOLIFE undertakes to collect and store your data only in accordance with the legal requirements:

  • fair
  • legally
  • transparent

When you visit HOLIFE's website, the following information is automatically shared by your web browser, which is automatically logged by HOLIFE's web server: date and time; the IP address from which you issued the request; the type of browser and operating system; the address of the page from which you came to our site; the address of the page you requested and if your request was successful. This data may be sufficient to identify you.

All additional data that you actively provide, eg by entering in a form, can also be logged. This data may be sufficient to identify you.

Any additional data that your web browser automatically provides can also be logged. This will be the case, for example, if your browser has previously stored data on your computer in 'cookies' and automates it when you request a web page within a particular domain (such as HOLIFE.com). This data may be sufficient to identify you.

If you pass personal information to HOLIFE in connection with an identifier such as your name or your contact details (such as your e-mail address), HOLIFE will save your data. In addition, all data available to HOLIFE through any means described in the preceding paragraphs may be linked to this identifier and thus become your data.

Subject to the following information, HOLIFE undertakes to collect your data directly from you and not from other parties.

This obligation is qualified as follows:

In places where HOLIFE reasonably believes that the protection of its financial interests requires it, it is possible to collect data from additional sources. This applies in particular if HOLIFE has to pay you in advance and obtains information about your creditworthiness;

If HOLIFE reasonably believes that it can deliver a better quality service to you by collecting data from other sources. This applies in particular to consumer profile data.

If HOLIFE processes your data directly from sources other than yours, it commits itself to:

- to do so only in the context of legal obligations;
- to do so only with your consent;
- Explain to you which sources and under what circumstances they are used.

HOLIFE undertakes to explain the purpose of the survey in a manner that is clear and simple in order to avoid indeterminate statements such as "in support of our operations".

Data Privacy

HOLIFE undertakes to store your data in a manner that ensures security against unauthorized access, modification or deletion at a level consistent with the importance of the data.

HOLIFE undertakes to store your data only in countries where the data protection at least meets the level required by the OECD Guidelines.

HOLIFE undertakes to treat your data in a manner that ensures security against unauthorized access, modification or deletion to a level consistent with the importance of the data.

HOLIFE undertakes to take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your data against inappropriate behavior by HOLIFE employees and contractors.

These include:

- training and sensitization of staff with regard to privacy;

- access control to restrict access to your data by employees and contractors who have legitimate reasons to access it;

- Especially for sensitive data, access audits are performed, including the identity of employees and contractors who access the data;

- Regular reminders of staff and contractors to become aware of the importance of data protection and the consequences of inappropriate behavior;

- Declaration of appropriate sanctions to be applied in case of inappropriate behavior

- Clear communication of codes of conduct and sanctions;

- Establish processes for audits, investigations and the imposition of sanctions.



Refund & Guarantee


  HoLife warranty  :45 Daily Refund, 18 Months Product Warranty. The official HoLife e-mail address is SUPPORT@iholife.com

Do not worry about orders! We strive to give our full attention to each customer.
❤ If you are not satisfied with our item, we can give your FULL REFUND without reason. 
❤ Professional Product Test: 100% of our professional workers ensure that every item will be sent to you in good quality before you

The following products are not covered by the standard warranties:
- Consumables including, but not limited to, ink, disposable batteries, etc.
- parts that are subject to natural wear and tear, including but not limited to screens, covers, etc.
- Damage or deterioration due to improper actions, including, but not limited to, torn cables, broken fuses, non-usability due to installation of proprietary firmware, etc.
- Some types of products, such as tablets and phones, are fixed instead of being replaced.

This page has been updated on the 13.04.2013 to ensure that all warranty data is valid from the first shipment of each item in each order.


Refund & Exchange

How to deal with deliveries that are already defective on arrival (DAO - dead on arrival)?

HoLife guarantees a secure delivery of your orders. Of course we will replace all damaged items in this case. All return fees are covered.
Please contact us within 5 days after delivery and return the products using the cheapest method.

What is the HoLife Refund Guarantee?
You are not happy with a product? Send it back to us.

You can return undamaged items to us within 45 calendar days after delivery. If the return is not due to a mistake by us, you only have to pay the shipping costs. Please make sure that the product is returned in its original condition, with the complete packaging and all accessories.

Important: Products may not be altered or rebuilt.

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